Vintage Adidas Jacket

porter-survet-veste-adidas-vintage-blog-paris8People often say that shopping and fashion is about consuming. You buy something that you “love” and several weeks or months later you don’t feel as exited anymore about it, and you need something new. I have to admit that this happens quite often to me, even if I try not to. However, there are also some pieces in my wardrobe that I have ever, never regretted and always loved the same way: Even after 12 years. Yes, this vintage Adidas Jacket is 12 years old – probably older, as it was already a vintage piece at that time – and when I was sixteen, it had cost me a fortune: A month of my pocket money, I have worn this jacket so often, I kind of grew up with it, re-discovering it ever other year. While I have not at all (!) the same style anymore compared to sixteen years old Naelle (she loved sporty stuff, I now actually do sports)  I still like to wear my orange adidas, and recently I asked myself: How can I wear a sporty jacket in a chic way? Well, for example combined with a little black dress and black pumps, in order to create a real contrast -be it in terms of colours or style.   If I had known 12 years ago that I would still wear it – i wouldn’t have worried so much about my pocket money.

And you, do you also have some really old pieces in your wardrobe that you still wear?

Adidas Jacke, orange:  Vintage

Sunnies: L’usine à lunettes

Herren Fliege im Haar : Celio

Pumps: Newlook

porter-survet-veste-adidas-vintage-blog-paris5 porter-survet-veste-adidas-vintage-blog-paris7 porter-survet-veste-adidas-vintage-blog-paris4 porter-survet-veste-adidas-vintage-blog-paris3 porter-survet-veste-adidas-vintage-blog-paris2 porter-survet-veste-adidas-vintage-blog-paris9

Photos: Constance

9 thoughts on “Vintage Adidas Jacket

  1. J’avoue moi aussi j’ai des pièces vintages dans mon placard…mais pas eu encore le courage de les sortir (et surtout de faire le tri !)

  2. Der Kontrast zwischen den Schuhen und der Schleife im Haar mit der Jacke gefällt mir echt gut! Vermutlich wäre ich niemals auf die Idee gekommen, das Outfit so zusammenzustellen, obwohl es zweifelsohne was hat. Dass du herumexperimentierst ist übrigens eine Sache, die mir an deinem Blog sehr gefällt. :)

    Liebe Grüße!

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