Hermes style summer dress

I have always dreamed about wearing a Hermès dress. As I am netiher rich nor crazy (meaning I won’t spend 1500 USD on a dress )  I am happy to wear with the budget option, bought during in a trip in a no name boutique somewhere in Barcelona, four years ago. And guess what: Without any hesitation, this dress is my favorite dress. The kind of dress you  wear and immediately, you are “ready to go”: No need for fancy acessoires with this kind of (Hermes-looking) print, I just wore as usual some vintage accessoires and a poney tail hairstyle. For those who follow me for a certain time, you may remember this shooting two years ago, when I was wearing the same dress with a denim shirt and vintage hand bag.

When I look at the pictures, I realize how tough it is to be back in Paris. I mean, I love Paris, but I associate it with work….I spent almost the whole month on the west coast in Brittany, the weather was perfect, I read tons of books, went for a run every day and just relaxed so much…..the next 15 month will be full of work for my PhD, I hope I’ll survive haha !

Have you already been on leave this summer, or are you still waiting for your vacation ?

Hermes style dress:  No Name

Sandals: André

Sunnies: Vintage

blog-mode-paris-robe-style-hermes.jpg blog-mode-paris-robe-style-hermes3.jpg blog-mode-paris-robe-style-hermes4.jpg blog-mode-paris-robe-style-hermes5.jpg blog-mode-paris-robe-style-hermes7.jpg blog-mode-paris-robe-style-hermes9.jpg blog-mode-paris-robe-style-hermes10.jpgLet’s meet on Instagram and Facebook !

8 thoughts on “Hermes style summer dress

  1. Coucou Naelle!
    Bon retour et bonne reprise!
    Je viens de rentrer hier. Par contre, je suis super contente d’être de retour à Paris (nostalgique de la mer, du soleil etc) mais mes vacances ont été super speed, je n’ai rien eu le temps de faire, c’était très frustrant!!!
    Bisous, bonne journée

    Julie, Petite and So What?

  2. Me encantan las gafas y el vestido!!! El estampado es precioso!!!

    New Post!!! Ayudame pinchando en una de las palabras rojas del post porfi!!! Feliz semana!!!!!!

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